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New Harmonic Reduction Techniques for Motor Drives (NHTD)

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With the advancement of power electronic devices and their decreasing price due to the market demand, Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD) systems are becoming increasingly common in many applications. Although the benefit of adjustable speed control on energy saving is clear, the penetration of ASD systems is still relatively low, due to the dependency of ASD market trend on the cost and efficiency. Despite of several advantages of power electronic systems, their main drawbacks is Harmonics which are distorted electrical current and voltage waveforms and they decrease efficiency and quality of power network.

Denmark has strong and internationally recognize research and development centers and activities in the area of power electronics which is a key technology for energy conversion used in industrial motor drives. Therefore, harmonic mitigation for broad range of power and applications is a key strategy for both Danfoss Power Electronics A/S and Aalborg University.

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